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Zishen Ningshen Wan
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Zishen Ningshen Wan

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Manufacturer Product of China
Brand Yihe Tang
Item ID cm-00zishnn
Type tiny pills




Nourishing the liver and kidney, supplementing loins, calming the mind, relieving low back pain. Useful for aging and memory loss, sleeplessness, dizziness, ear ring, deterioration of physical strength, low back pain and decline of sexual drive.

Ingredients: Prepared rehmannia root, Chinese dodder seed, Tuber fleeceflower root, Common yam rhizome, Beautiful millettia root, Siberian solomonseal rhizome, Glossy privet fruit, Dan-shen root, Common jujube seed, Nacre, Hispid fig root, Hispid fig root, Fleece flower stem, Common peony root, Cherokee rose fruit, Indian bread, Chinese agnoliavine fruit.

Actions: Nourishing the liver and kidney, calming the mind and relieving mental stress.

Indications:  Pattern of liver and kidney deficiency manifested as dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, palpitation, forgetfulness, backache, neurasthenia. Not applicable to the mental disturbance caused by phlematic fire, nor tinnitus due to phlegm-fire.*

Directions: Take 1 bag (10 g) each time after meal, 2 times a day.
Do not use if having a high fever; not applicable to the above symptoms due to phlegm-fire pattern.

汉语拼音:zishen ningshen wan


功 能与主治:滋补肝肾,宁心安神。用于治疗肝肾亏损,头晕耳鸣,失眠多梦,怔忡健忘,腰酸,神经衰弱。

服法与用量:口服,一次 10g,一日2次。外感发热患者忌服;痰火实热者忌服。

Product label: Zishen Ningshen Wan
Packing: 1 box contains 10 bags, a bag of 10 g content
Product of China


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