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American Ginseng Tea
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American Ginseng Tea

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Manufacturer Made in USA
Brand Royal King
Type tea packet
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The Ginseng used to make the American Ginseng Tea is carefully selected from the most highly prized Ginseng in the world. Each tea bag contains 100% top grade American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius) from Wisconsin, U.S.A. Each bag of tea can be brewed and rebrewed several times with boiling water. This brand of product is the most welcomed gift.

Ingredients: American ginseng 100%.

Actions: Replenish qi, nourish yin, reduce the internal heat and promote fluid production.

Indications: Used for yin deficiency with exuberant fire with cough and blood-streaked sputum; impairment of both qi and yin in cases of febrile diseases with fidgets and thirst; deficiency of the body fluid, dryness in the mouth and tongue, etc.

For centuries, Ginseng has been regarded as the most valuable herb in the Asia. Its power to improve one's well being is legendary. American Ginseng contains a higher percentage of ginsenosides or active ingredient, than its Asian cousin. Asian ginseng contains some ginsenosides that American ginseng doesn't but the Chinese consider American Ginseng to be more cooling or yin than Asian ginseng, better in hotter climates, for both men and women, for people with active lives.

In terms of modern scientific research, ginseng is called an "adaptogen" because it assists the body to restore itself to health or adapt and there are no negative side effects, even in large dosages. Ginseng has been shown to reduce the effects of stress, increase energy, alertness, reflexes and endurance, lower cholesterol, prevent infections, increase cardiovascular health, aid in cancer treatment, arthritis and impotency to name a few cases.





Product label: American Ginseng Tea
Packing: 30 tea bags X 2 boxes
Product of the United States


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